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    Christine Autrand Mitchell

    Screenwriter | Filmmaker | Consultant | Speaker

    The Writers Lab Alumni

  • Screenplays

    Christine's vivid and dark screenplays feature hope and twists,

    characters drenched in secrets and they integrate unique settings,

    all rooted in the human experience to explore the boundaries of genre.

    Optioned TV & Film ~ Award Winner ~ OWA

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    Anning Station - now repped by Bohemia Group

    TV Series | SciFi/Thriller/Mystery

    FINALIST - Stowe Story Labs/Studio Skyfire 2023; Roadmap Writers Thriving at 50+ Initiative 2021

    QUARTERFINALIST - ScreenCraft's Film Fund 2019; Top 50 - ISA Fast Track Fellowship 2019

    In the vein of FORTITUDE and the THE TERROR

    On her last field expedition, a paleontologist’s history changing discovery is stolen from her Antarctic station, sending her into a race for the truth in a place where secrets kill—and more than a continent is at stake.

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    The Keystone

    TV Series | SciFi/Thriller/Fantasy

    Female Protagonist

    SEMIFINALIST - Stowe Story Labs/Maven Fellowship 2022

    QUARTERFINALIST - Emerging Screenwriter Sci Fi Fantasy 2023

    The life of a grieving, self-isolated mother, an award winning architect specializing in climate-change, is disrupted by a mysterious couple who reveals the secrets to saving our deteriorating planet—as well as another world—or she's losing her mind. 
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    One-Hour Serialized TV for Cable/Streaming | Gothic Fantasy Horror

    Female Protagonist; IP

    FINALIST - Roadmap's Wise Words; SEMIFINALIST - CineStory Fellowship & Retreat, Roadmap Writers' JumpStart; QUARTERFINALIST - Richmond Int'l Film Festival; NICHOLL Fellowship Top 20% (feature)

    Novel: SEMIFINALIST - Roadmap Writers' Write Start Competition; SECOND ROUND - Launch Pad Prose Competition 2022


    In 1910, as her old ways clash with scientific advances, an outspoken healer must lead a group of outsiders to solve mysteries that uncover a supernatural world.

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    The Field

    Feature - Sci Fi/Thriller

    FINALIST - The Writers Lab 2020 

    SECOND ROUNDER - Austin Film Festival 2019


    An overachieving reporter unable to overcome her sister’s death, risks her life to discover why catatonic men are assembling at a cornfield - and uncover their world changing secret.

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    One-Hour Serialized TV for Cable/Streaming | Horror/SciFi/Thriller

    QUARTERFINALIST - Screencraft Horror Competition 2022

    Two years after her estranged husband's disappearance in a cave expedition, a successful executive must uncover the truth behind his grotesque transformation before the world becomes part of the experiment

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    Feature | Psychological Thriller

    Adapted from Poe's "The Fall of the House of Usher"

    SECOND ROUNDER - Austin Film Festival; QUARTERFINALIST - ScreenCraft Horror

    CRIMSON PEAK meets SHUTTER ISLAND – in modern day

    Unable to refuse the invitation, an indebted man becomes trapped at his college friend’s remote Colorado estate while his mysteriously infirmed host and sister hide a deadly family secret.

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    One-Hour Serialized TV for Cable/Streaming | Family Drama

    Female Protagonist

    SECOND ROUNDER — Austin Film Festival; QUARTERFINALIST - ScreenCraft Pilot Launch


    Set in the hedonistic island industry of the 1980s, an escape-happy teen forms an unusual friendship with her urbane new teacher but must face the far-reaching repercussions that infiltrate the lives around them.

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    In the Present

    Feature | Dark RomCom

    FINALIST - Sacramento Int'l Film Festival; SEMIFINALIST - StoryPros; QUARTERFINALIST - FadeIn Awards

    In the vein of THE WAY,WAY BACK and 80s LOCAL HERO

    When a quiet, successful man flees his rigid routines with nothing but a pink present after a funeral, he must outwit his past after discovering life blissfully holds the unexpected in a small, quirky village.

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    The Cullings Principle

    Limited Series | Period Mystery/LGBTQ

    As Feature: WINNER - The Writers Place & The-GreenLight; FINALIST - Sacramento Int'l Film Festival, 1 in 10 Screenplay Contest, Smashcut Screenplay Contest, Three Lines or Less; SEMIFINALIST - SotryPros Awards; QUARTERFINALIST - Creative World Awards, CineStory, FadeIn Awards, Fresh Voices, The Reel Authors, Cynasure; PAGE - Top 25%.


    In 1855, when a world-traveled attorney is informed his sister has died, he must navigate London's high society as well as its underbelly to prove she’s still alive.

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    Short Film Scripts

    "The Cleaner" - (Drama) A woman who cleans houses of spirits must face her own loss.

    "Slow" - (Dark Comedy) Someone's taking the easy way to get out of work...

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    Other Writing

    "A Remarkable Tragedy" short story, read on KVPR

    "Thread" short story and other articles

  • Services

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    "Even coaches need unbiased, quality guidance! I recently received screenplay feedback from Christine on a post-apocalyptic feature and I couldn't ask for better notes. Christine's feedback is not only insightful but she approaches issues and flaws with solid solutions that honor the writer's vision. Anyone can call themselves a "script consultant" but most do not have the professional level expertise that writers really need. Christine does."

    - Tracee Beebe, screenwriter/producer/script coach


    For several years now I have gone to Christine for notes on my scripts. While I have tried other consultants, I always go back to Christine as she is consistently the most thorough, the most thoughtful, and the most spot on - she gives the kind of feedback that make you think, “Right, that’s what I missed!” The way she communicates is clear and concise, and I am always able to work immediately with what she gives me, and make the script better and ready for the next step. Her notes have helped my projects grow and succeed, and I’m extremely grateful for her insight as both a writer and a reader of screenplays.

    - Darcy Miller, director/producer


    The best [notes] I've ever had. The most comprehensive, amazing #feedback...

    Go and hire her! You won’t regret it.

    - From Twitter - CR, author, screenwriter


    Christine is blessed with an unusual combination of skills which would be impossible to match. Her thought-provoking, deeply felt and extensive notes -- all delivered with sensitivity and genuine care -- transformed my screenplay into a viable work. That very blend of acute intellect and sanguine personality makes her a brilliant standout in a crowded field. I recommend collaborating with Christine without any reservations.

    - Deborah Henry, Author and Screenwriter of The Whipping Club


    More recommendations here.



    From concept to final draft


    I provide five to six pages of detailed analysis of your script's strengths and weaknesses. My focus is on character, from which good storytelling is born, with an eye toward story: execution, structure (opening, second act, climax), pacing, plot, theme, tone, dialog, setting, marketing, production viability, among others.

    Clients include contest winners, produced and published writers.


    Consulting Rates for Screenplays:

    $200 - Feature Scripts (60 - 120 pages) (Additional $20 for every 10 pages above 120 pages); follow-up call included

    $120 - 1-hour TV scripts (under 60 pages); follow-up call included

    $90 - Half-hour TV scripts; follow-up call included

    $50 - for additional call/video chat consultation

    $300 - Detailed development notes

    Coaching also available.

    Other services - Rates given upon request


    Spec scripts available here 

    Adaptions (ask me about previous work)

    Open Writing Assignments


    Development to Copyediting - Screenplays, Fiction & Non-Fiction

    Specialize in ESL projects

    Rates range from $2.50/page for basic copyediting to $7.50/page for advanced, manuscript rewrites.

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    PROJECT 51

    Women make up 51% of the world's population -

    let's have that reflect in the film industry and beyond

    Created with frequent film-partner Darcy Miller, we wanted to make sure that 51% of our crew was female. We established a mentoring and shadowing program, using commercial director Juliana Lukasik's shadow program as a starting point. A female crew member of any age is teamed up with a professional in their field to be mentored and shadow on set.

  • Bio

    Writer | Filmmaker | Consultant

    Writing and more

    Christine Autrand Mitchell is a multi-optioned and award-winning screenwriter and filmmaker. She’s placed in over two-dozen contests and fellowships like The Writers Lab, Austin and ScreenCraft. Her diverse above- and below-line credits include award-winning producer (STREETS OF HOPE), aided by her business-consulting background, Casting Director, Scripty, among others, and her feature directorial debut.


    Her dark stories are drenched in secrets that feature twists, veiled social messages, and she integrates unique settings—having grown up in the tourist-driven Canary Islands, a 1000-year-old cloister in Austria, as well as Germany and the US, encouraging multiple languages. There were nearly thirty nationalities in her tiny hometown in Tenerife. She sees the world with a slightly different perspective and hears it differently as well. Aspects of culture are ingrained in her stories, as are unique settings. The world is amazing and diverse, and she hopes to represent as many aspects of it as she can.


    Her writer-for-hire work embraces concept-to-script, book adaptations and rewrites. She's recently been hired to co-write a limited series. She's written everything from copy to commercials, documentaries to industrial, and presentation scripts, technical writing and more. She has also published articles and short stories. Christine has edited for numerous on-line magazines (like Kings River Life and Oregon Music News) and been lucky enough to work with amazing novelists, non-fiction authors and screenwriters.


    Christine has always believed in mentoring, starting with her first film project. Her workshops are centered around screenwriting, from teaching the basics to beginning writers through advanced skills, from rewriting to pitching. She's taught acting classes and volunteered at the Willamette Writers Conference in the pitch practice room. In her previous career, she trained business owners and their employees in various aspects of operations. She's also been a film festival programmer and consults with non-profit arts organizations.


    She worked in many industries, including a long stint in business consulting, before returning to what drives her most: film and television. She has a BA from UC Berkeley in Linguistics. Her favorite thing is connecting people.


    UC Berkeley - B.A. Linguistics

    College of San Mateo - Modern Languages; Film

    Professional Development - RoadMap Career Writer Program & Top Tier; Master Screenwriting Certificate; Professional Screenwriting Program; Randall Jahnson; Bill Boyle; Chris Soth.


  • Film Credits

    IMDB | LinkedIn

    Award winning Producer - Director

    Features - Shorts - Web Series - TV

    Entandem Productions, LLC

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    Lily on Saturday

    Writer/Director/Producer - Feature


    Hiding wounds after a tragedy, forty-something Lily endures chaos at a retreat with her best friend in order to rediscover her self-worth — but everyone here has something to overcome.

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    One Bird at a Time

    Co-Producer - Web Series ~ Amazon

    IndieFest Award of Merit | HollyWeb Fest Official Selection

    One Bird at a Time is a web series that speaks to the issues facing us in society today — how does one person deal with homelessness, poverty, mental illness, and so many other challenges? — and does so with a large dose of comedy, improvisation, confusion, and love.

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    Esperanza's Turn

    Co-Producer, A.D., Casting Director - Short

    A 12 year-old immigrant farm worker taps into her imagination to confront a bully at school.
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    Producer - Short

    Wilson Oakville Film Festival | Official Selection Apex Short Film | Portland Film Festival

    A boy wakes up to discover the world around him has changed forever, and he alone can keep his sister safe from the same discovery.
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    Streets of Hope (Finding Hope Now)

    Co-Producer - Feature

    Amazon, iTunes | Multi-award winner

    Featuring Avan Joja and Michael Badalucco, based on the true story of pastor Roger Minassian who founded Hope Now for Youth, an organization dedicated to taking gang kids off the streets.  
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    The Date

    Writer, Director, Producer - Short

    A woman prepares for a very important date in this silent film, but it's not what you think...
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    Producer, Co-Director - Short

    Created for a non-profit that put terminally ill children and children of military families in a film with professional actors, this collaborative project made everyone a star for a day!

    Additional Credits

    Script Supervisor

    Lorelei (2018)
    Earthlings (2018)
    Casting Director
    Local to International - film, TV, commercial, industrial
    (project list given upon request)
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